A Semiconductor Start-up for Display Solutions

Company and Mission

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and founded in 2012, CerebrEX Corporation is a venture-backed semiconductor start-up in the business of developing proprietary display technologies for the flat panel display market. The company directly addresses the challenges posed by conventional design, small pixels and high resolution. The company has additional offices, in Tokyo, Japan, Taipei, Taiwan and Shanghai, China..

“CerebrEX” is a compound word – a union of the word “CEREBRA” with such inspiring words as expertise, expansion, excitement, and extol. The word was created and adopted as our company name to signify our belief that a team of brains would more effectively contribute to realize better life and more exciting environment. CerebrEX provides an exciting workplace for all employees engaged at all levels within the company. CerebrEX commits to provide its customers with the most advanced LSI solutions, technologies and continuous growth.

We intend to be a global fab-less semiconductor company that utilizes the strength and expertise from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US.

We are engaged in the following business activities:

– Proprietary LSI: Planning, development, production and sales

– ODM LSI / Module: Marketing and VAR

– IP and macrocell services utilizing CerebrEX own proprietary technology


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