A Semiconductor Start-up for Display Solutions

Market Trend

Fotolia_141646029_300x202Personal & mobile applications are becoming more and more important. As Steve Jobs had indicated, each gadget should have unique features for the individual, and the designer must stick to the details. This suggests that image details on the display, rather than the display size or the number of pixels, will become more significant.

Visual information has the most impact on human beings because it dominates our sensory inputs – accounting for more than 70% of all input information that we process. Novel and innovative image and video processing is necessary for the modern display. Continuous display technology improvements cultivated in the Far East would enable modern displays for mobile PCs to deliver image quality tailored to each vendor and individual preference.

Use of programmable ASSPs can mitigate the cost trade off between product standardization and product customization by providing an alternative to the costly process of component level customization. Programmable ASSPs could be more beneficial for both chip vendors and set vendors alike in this manner.

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