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Panel Industory

Industrial Problems:

Display performance differs from vendor to vendor and from panel to panel, but set vendors don’t have tools to optimize performance and can’t differentiate image quality.
Open cell business is gaining traction. Source driver interface needs to be open and standardized. Panel vendors can’t maintain custom TCON business models which are panel-specific and costly.
As long as TCON remains customized, it will not be able to evolve towards more differentiation and value, such as low power consumption.
TCON is supposed to make LCD, an inherently analog device, behave as a completely digital display device within a system. That is not the case today

Key Features for New LCD Module:

1)    High resolution

–       Robust HBR transport

–       Smaller number of transmission lines for low cost

–       Flexible frame memory interface for higher performance/cost

–       Advanced image processing for high resolution and low power consumption

2)    Low power

–       Intermittent drive control

–       An assortment of panel self refresh (PSR)

–       Powerful and flexible back light control

3)    High quality touch panel

–       Sensing timing assertion

–       Noise avoidance with timing and location control

–       Synchronization with MPU/GPU and sensor/controller

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