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Advanced display controller: Discrete Tcon

CerebrEX provides Advanced Display Controller, CRX1xxx Tcon series, as standard offering. Composed of two main blocks PixArt and Cool Pepper, our Tcons allow you to realize correct system partitioning.

PixArt comes with an easy-to-use SDK which can minimize the characteristics variation among display panels. Set vendors can utilize PixArt SDK to fine-tune and optimize panel performances, and CPU/GPU/AP vendors can focus on differentiating applications without paying unnecessary attention to panel-to-panel variance.

Cool Pepper supports “intermittent drive control” and transmission channel optimization. These unique features, together with low brightness image enhancement by PixArt, significantly reduce system-level power consumption. Highly effective low power solution can be delivered by supplying the set vendors with drivers that control several functions via eDP.



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